The Platform coin for fair
advertising ecosystem
The rookie coin is a key currency used in the
block-chain advertising platform.
Users can receive rookie coins through advertising
activities or reporting false advertising.
We aim to build a more transparent and verified block-chain system
in the online and mobile advertising market
for the growth of advertising market and the related industries.
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Fairness and Transparency
All processes on the platform can be shared
and viewed transparently with each other.
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Security and Reliability
You can verify harmful ads or fraudulent
traffic by two steps, and react strongly
to and prevent any malicious attacks
from outside.
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By sharing the monitoring staff and
the solutions that prevent fraudulent
traffic with other platforms within the
block chain, you can achieve cost
savings in security and management.
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We ease the entry barriers faced
by advertising agencies when entering
the online ad platforms, making it easier
and more stable to enter the market.
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Very low-priced fee
Cost savings are achieved by handling complex
multi-step processes in a simple way until an ad
is published.
The rookie coin project
provides security and reliability.
We strongly react to and prevent any fraudulent traffic, harmful ad,
and malicious attacks from outside with the following steps.
Sharing information
The platform nodes share information with each other to determine good and honest mediums.
A medium must pass the verification in the ‘verification application’ to be rewarded.
Each platform node (or user) can be rewarded by registering an algorithm/solution that detected a malicious or unusual behavior in the 'verification application'.
We generate and distribute
revenues through
continuous verifications.
You will build credibility and receive deposit shares through the
verification applications as well as the verifications through users
A medium can put down a deposit when posting an ad, and the size of the deposit can be used as a measure of confidence in the integrity of the medium.
Profit model
Any advertising suspected of being dishonest will be reported by the watcher, and the deposit will be distributed through a vote.
  • Socialite
  • Rookiecoin
    Campaign completion
  • Influencer / Investor
Advertising platform
‘Socialite’ for this
Socialite is used to distribute tokens that will be
used as currency within the block chain to the users
who use the service.
To utilize the above structure as a block-chain system, we have launched an advertising platform 'Socialite' that can record physical storage and prepare resources for system verifications. The Socialite's development and the verification solutions will be leveraged in future block-chain systems.
Token Distribution
  • 2016
    Started to develop the closed-type Socialite
    Completed to develop the closed-type Socialite
  • 2017
    Completed to develop the open-type Socialite
    Planning RookieCoin and RookieCoin Mainnet
  • 2018
    RookieCoin was listed and Socialite Beta version was launched
    Completed to renewal the user interface of open-type Socialite
  • 2019
    Socialite VA was applied
    Completed to develop SDK for Socialite Reward Application
    Socialite Reward Application was launched
  • 2020
    Started to develop new advertising platform block-chain (Mainnet)
Hanmin Yu
CEO & Co-founder
Seongwook Cho
CTO & Co-founder
Jiheon Shin
Jin Park
Sumin Park
Hanho Yu
Haksun Lee
General Manager
JaeHyuk Won
General Manager
Hyeji Choi
Hyun Seock Seo
Marketing Manager
Donghyun Jang
Marketing & Operation
Dongwoo Lee
Production Manager
Jungtaek Lim
CS Manager
Sungmin Chung
Team Manager
Jaeyoung Han
Junho Lim
Hyeji Kim
Seonho Jo
Jiwon Park